The faculty and staff of YDS make every reasonable effort to facilitate the learning of students capable of graduate-level seminary work. Any student who has a condition that may prevent full demonstration of the student’s abilities should contact Student Accessibility Services to request disability-related accommodation or service. Students should also contact their teachers to discuss learning needs and accommodations to ensure the students’ full participation and evaluation in their courses.

Vicki Flippin

Associate Dean of Student Affairs
(203) 432-0644

Kit Heeley

Director of Student Life
(203) 432-5372

Shafton Haley

Student Services Coordinator
(203) 432-5314

Caity Stuart

Environmental Community Organizer, Postgrad Associate
(203) 432-1358

Jonathan Lee

DivFarm Coordinator

Gabe LePage

DivFarm Coordinator

Chris Gregorio

DivFarm Coordinator


Office of Student Affairs