Continuing Education

The Center for Continuing Education at Yale Divinity School provides opportunities and resources for churches, clergy, and laity to foster the knowledge and love of God in their communities. The Center makes available the theological resources of YDS —events, lectures, programs, instructional resources, publications, and more—to enable and enrich ministry and lay learning. These resources are intended to support faith formation, religious education, and personal and professional enrichment.

For access to compiled YDS resources for ministry during the pandemic, click here.

Professor Joel Baden photo

Joel S. Baden

Professor of Hebrew Bible; Director, Center for Continuing Education
(203) 432-5338

Kelly Morrissey

Associate Director, Center
(203) 4323450

Jill Olds

Director, Youth Ministry Institute
(203) 432-4448

Megan Lukens

Communications Coordinator


Center for Continuing Education