A vintage photo of the original Yale Divinity School building in downtown New Haven circa 1872.
YDS 200
In the 2022-23 academic year, Yale Divinity School celebrates the 200th anniversary of its founding as a distinct school at Yale.

YDS 200: Reflecting on our Past, Imagining our Future

Bicentennial logo. 200 Years, Yale Divinity School

In 1822, YDS became a distinct school at a growing Yale, setting us on a course toward becoming the school we are today. During the 2022-23 academic year, from Opening Convocation through Commencement, we are reflecting on and celebrating our history. Janus-like, we are looking toward the future in addition to looking back. Indeed, the theme, chosen by a Bicentennial planning committee comprising alumni, students, faculty, and staff, is “YDS 200: Reflecting on our Past, Imagining our Future.”

There is a great deal to look forward to in the coming months, including the debut of a new hymn composed for the Bicentennial, a YDS history book, a special issue of Reflections, exhibits on YDS history, a conference on theology at YDS past and present, and a special Fall Convocation designed for more interaction between students and alums. Several special lectures as well as our annual named lectures will contribute to the Bicentennial celebration. 

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So much has happened, and so much has been accomplished, in our two centuries as a school at Yale. But our conversations about the future are, to me, the most exciting part of the Bicentennial. The story of Yale Divinity School is still being written and will continue to be written for generations to come.

—Gregory E. Sterling, Dean


Bicentennial Events


Fall 2022

Spring 2023

  • January 20, Celebration of Andover Newton's affiliation in Marquand Chapel
    • Lunch in the Old Refectory and Common Room
  • January 31, Sorensen Lecture by Jason McLennan, founder of the Living Building Challenge and consultant to YDS Living Village project
  • February, Parks-King Lecture, portrait unveiling
  • March, Bartlett Lecture
    • alumni panel on China and global Christianity
  • March-April, Sarah Smith Gallery
    • Exhibition on history of Marquand Chapel, created by Dean of Marquand Awet Andemicael
  • April, Shaffer Lecture
    • Library exhibit on the history of scriptural study at Yale Divinity School
  • April/May, Spring Reception
  • May, Commencement

Note: More events to be added soon. For more information email Tom Krattenmaker, Director of Communications. 

The Origin of the Theological School at Yale College

As part of the observation of the two-hundredth anniversary of Yale Divinity School, the YDS 200 Committee presents two documents that relate to its founding in 1822. Click here

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