Student Groups and Activities

Diversity and inclusivity are core components of the educational philosophy of Yale Divinity School.  We celebrate the fullness of race and color, denominational, political, theological, and cultural difference, the range of expressions of sexual and gender identity, and the varied voices that come with age, life experience, national and community service, and socioeconomic status.

Proposals for a New Student Group may be submitted twice a year. Students hoping to start a New Student Group should review the information below and schedule a meeting with the CLC Coordinator to discuss the New Student Group. The CLC Coordinator will require the New Student Group to submit an application.

Divinity School funds are used for the support of YDS initiatives and students.  Individual offices at YDS do not sponsor or provide funding to non-YDS events or students.  Any requests for financial support by non-YDS degree students or organizations should be submitted to the YDS Dean’s Office.

Applications must be submitted to the CLC coordinator by the following dates to be considered for approval:

  • September 19th
  • January 30th

The CLC Coordinator will present the application to the CLC Committee of the Yale Divinity School. The CLC Committee will vote on the proposal for the New Student Group. If approved, the New Student Group will complete a training with the Director of Student Life.

Student groups are coordinated through the Community Life Committee and Office of Student Affairs.


Office of Student Affairs