Office of Academic Affairs

At Yale Divinity School, students pursue varied vocations through a variety of degree programs, which draw on a rich array of curricular offerings across the theological disciplines.  The Office of Academic Affairs is responsible for academic and curricular programs and works collaboratively with the Dean, the faculty, teaching fellows, and students to address academic concerns and craft appropriate policies and procedures for the School.

The Registrar’s Office is part of the Office of Academic Affairs and handles academic needs of students. 

The Office of Supervised Ministries, also under the umbrella of the Office of Academic Affairs, helps students negotiate a supervised ministry experience that fits meaningfully with their needs and aspirations.

Jennifer A. Herdt

Gilbert L. Stark Professor of Christian Ethics, Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Timothee Goselin

Sr. Admin Asst Office of Academic Affairs
(203) 432-6340
William Goettler

William Goettler

Associate Dean for Assessment & Ministerial Studies
(203) 432-9896

Lucinda Huffaker

Director of Supervised Ministries
(203) 436-5703

Maria LaSala

Director of Congregational Ministry; Lecturer in the History & Polity of the Presbyterian Church


Academic Affairs

(203) 432-6340
(203) 432-7475