Students, Spouses, Partners, and Families

Many divinity students arrive in New Haven with spouses/partners and/or children. Others acquire these during their time at the Divinity School.  The Divinity School is a welcoming community that includes spouses, partners and children into many of its community events and activities.

In addition, the following are some of the resources available to students’ families.

Spouses/Partners Students with Children


  • Spouses and partners of currently enrolled YDS students are eligible to audit one course per semester without charge.  For an application form to audit a course, contact the Office of Admissions. 
  • When student interest allows, a spouses/partner social club is offered.  Check the list of student groups to find out whether or not this group is currently active.  To revitalize a dormant group, check in with the Office of Student Affairs for assistance.
  • Student Affiliate ID Cards are available for student spouses.  Find out how to obtain a spouse ID Card at the Yale ID Center website.
  • With a student affiliate ID card, student spouses are eligible for the following Yale privileges:

Health Care Coverage

Employment Opportunities for student spouses/partners

Students with Children

YDS-specific information

  • Formal and informal programs for students with children are planned throughout the academic year.  
  • Many YDS activities are “family friendly.”  Children are welcome in worship, and at most community events and presentations. 
  • Booster chairs are available in the refectory.  Students may buy children meals out of their points. 
  • There is a “Mothers’ Room” available on campus for breast-feeding. Please speak with the Office of Student Affairs to find out more information. 

Child care resources


  • New Haven Public Schools provide both magnet and neighborhood schools for residents of their district.  Many schools offer Pre-K programs for youngsters ages 3-5, in addition to K-12 education.  New Haven schools operate many unique magnet schools, for which one must apply to the school lottery in the winter of the school year prior to attendance. 
  • This Living in New Haven site provides information about public, private and parochial schools in the area.

Fun and Enrichment

  • Students with children should be sure to add themselves to the Divinity Students with Children facebook page, along with the McDougal Center’s “Bulldogs with Pups” facebook page. Both offer lists of local free and inexpensive outings for children and parents.
  • The McDougal Center (supporting all Grad/Prof students) hires several family fellows who plan and lead a wide variety of programs and workshops.  Be sure to be added to their list-serve!
  • Yale itself hosts a bevy of fun family-friendly offerings.
    •  Children are always free at Yale Athletics events.  Keep an eye out for Youth Days scheduled within many of the sports’ home schedules.  
    • Check out the dinosaurs at Yale’s Peabody museum. Children are free from 2-5 on Thursdays from September-June, and both Yale ID holders and children under 3 are free all the time. 
  • Yale’s art galleries, the Yale University Art Gallery and the Yale Center for British Art, are free to all visitors and frequently include special programming for children
  • Children’s swimming and occasionally dance lessons are offered at Payne-Whitney gymnasium
  • Ice skating classes for children and adults are offered by the Yale Figure Skating Club 
  • Theater classes are offered through Yale Children’s Theater


Office of Student Affairs