Staff Directory

Awet Andemicael
Associate Dean for Marquand Chapel and Lecturer in Theology (Adjunct)
Office: C202
Phone: (203) 432-5766
Katherine Antos
Associate Administrator, Administration & Operations
Office: N-214
Phone: (203) 432-5313
Sandra Baker
Senior Executive Assistant - Berkeley Divinity School At Yale
Office: S109
Phone: (203) 4329289
JaQuan Beachem
Director of Community Development & Spiritual Formation, Andover Newton at Yale
Office: N205
Phone: (203) 432-4663
Hannah Black
Assistant Director – Leadership & Communications Berkeley Divinity School
Office: S106
Antonio Bravo
Associate Director of Admissions and Recruitment, Assistant Director of International Student Exchange Programs
Office: N112
Phone: (203) 432-2030
Guiovanna Carrion
Latourette Acquisitions Assistant
Phone: (203) 432-5295
Donna Coe
Specialty Retail Worker, Refectory
Tonette Cookson
Assistant Director, Development Operations
Bill Craven
Senior Financial Analyst, Divinity School
Office: N215
Phone: +1 (203) 432-6184
Alison Cunningham
Director of Professional Formation, Title IX Coordinator
Office: S127b
Phone: (203) 432-5330
Jennifer Davis
Director of Supervised Ministries, Divinity School
Office: S127a
Phone: 203-436-5703
Deborah DeFelice
Custodial Team Leader Cust Svs
Phone: (203) 432-4456
Daryl Denelle
Student, Community, Equity & Belonging Liaison
Mattie Dixon
Specialty Retail Worker, Refectory
Phone: (203) 432-0401
Sarah Drummond
Founding Dean, Andover Newton at Yale
Office: N202
Phone: (203) 436-9954
Joan Duffy
Senior Archives Assistant Divinity Library
Office: L11
Phone: (203) 432-5301
Edna Echevarría
Phone: (203) 436-2195
Suzanne Estelle-Holmer
Associate Director for Collections, Research and Access
Office: L203
Phone: (203) 432-6374
Roslyn Evans
Senior Administrative Assistant, Registrar
Office: N120
Phone: (203) 432-5311
Vicki Flippin
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
Office: S116b
Phone: (203) 432-0644
Karin Fransen
Senior Administrative Assistant-YCFC
Phone: (203) 432-8629
Judy Gitlin
Divinity Technical Services Librarian
William Goettler
Associate Dean for Ministerial and Social Leadership, Lecturer in Parish Leadership and Church Administration
Office: S101a
Phone: (203) 432-9896
Timothee Goselin
Senior Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs & Faculty Support
Office: N122
Phone: (203) 432-6340
A. Nathaniel Gumbs
Director of Chapel Music
Phone: (203) 432-7243
Shafton Haley
Student Services Coordinator
Phone: (203) 432-5314
Shalane Hansen-Rodriguez
Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Office: N119
Phone: (203) 432-5026
Campbell Harmon
Associate Director, Communications & Website
Office: N211
Phone: (203) 436-4912
Lynn Haversat
Events & Program Manager
Office: N218d
Phone: (203) 432-4473
Kit Heeley
Director of Student Life
Office: S116-A
Phone: (203) 432-5372
Daniel Heischman
Associate Director, ELM Program
Office: S114
Lisabeth Huck Lisabeth Huck
Director of Academic Services and Registrar
Office: N121
Phone: (203) 432-5312
Justin Izbinski
Development Coordinator
Phone: (203) 432-5358
Elissa Jacknick
Culinary and Product Impression Manager, Refectory
Soli Johnson
Library Services Assistant Divinity Library
Phone: (203) 432-5288
Edlyn Jones
Admissions Officer
Jake Joseph
Associate Director for Alumni Engagement and Donor Relations
Phone: (203) 432-3871
Cami King
Communitas, Assistant Director
Office: SE192A
Phone: (203) 432-8122
Ellen King
Specialty Retail Worker, Refectory
Phone: (203) 823-6384
Sijo Kizhakkekara
IT Support Specialist
Phone: (203) 432-8180
Graziano Krätli
Digital Projects and Technology Librarian
Office: L102
Phone: +1 (203) 436-8202
Tom Krattenmaker
Director, Communications
Office: N207
Phone: (203) 436-8379
Abigail Kromminga
Archives Assistant 2
Scott Libson
Special Collections Librarian
Phone: +1 (203) 4326193
Michael Libunao-Macalintal
Liturgical Minister/Chapel Communications Manager
Office: C203
Rod Lowe
Senior Associate Director of Major Gifts
Office: N116
Phone: (203) 432-8127
Anna-Liisa Lubbert
Senior Executive Assistant
Office: N203
Phone: 203-436-9970
Malgorzata Gosia Madrzyk
Financial Analyst
Phone: (203) 432-2654
Ryan McAnnally-Linz
Associate Research Scholar
Bruce McCann
Living Village Project Manager
Phone: (203) 432-7535
Theresa McClendon
Phone: (203) 432-3842
Andrew McGowan
Dean and President of Berkeley Divinity School and McFaddin Professor of Anglican Studies and Pastoral Theology
Office: S110
Phone: (203) 432-9290
Kelly Morrissey
Associate Director, Center for Continuing Education
Office: N222
Phone: (203) 432-3450
Jude Morrissey
Access Services Librarian
Phone: (203) 432-5274
Brandon Nappi
Executive Director of Leadership Programs, Lecturer in Homiletics
Office: S105
Phone: 203-432-0705
Jill Olds
Director, Youth Ministry Institute
Office: N225
Phone: (203) 436-4448
Ned Parker
Associate Dean for Institutional Advancement, Andover Newton Seminary at YDS, Lecturer in Homiletics
Office: N204
Phone: (203) 464-2287
Nancy Pelaez
Development Program Coordinator
Office: N114
Phone: 203-432-9312
Steven Percival
Facilities Superintendent, Divinity
Phone: (203) 432-6112
Yejide Peters Pietersen
Director of Formation/Associate Dean Berkeley Divinity School
Office: S113
Brian Pirreca
Phone: (203) 764-9661
Sachin Ramabhadran
Media Technician, Institute of Sacred Music
Office: N100b
Phone: (203) 432-8251
Elaine Ranciato
Senior Executive Assistant to the Dean
Office: N218e
Phone: (203) 432-5306
Vernice Randall
Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Lecturer in Homiletics
Office: N112
Phone: (203) 432-9802
Evan Rosa
Assistant Director for Public Engagement - YCFC
Barbara Sabia
Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Development
Office: N115
Phone: (203) 432-5363
Martha Smalley
Divinity Library Special Collections Consultant
Phone: (203) 432-5301
Devin Solman
General Building Maintenance
Phone: (203) 436-5774
John Stachniewicz
Lead Administrator
Office: N217
Phone: (203) 432-8602
Gregory E. Sterling
Dean of Yale Divinity School; The Reverend Henry L. Slack Dean and Lillian Claus Professor of New Testament
Office: N220
Phone: (203) 432-5306
Frederick J. Streets
Adjunct Associate Professor of Divinity and Social Work
Caity Stuart
Environmental Community Organizer, Postgrad Associate
Phone: (203) 432-1358
Lynn S. Sullivan
Associate Dean, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging, Title VI Coordinator
Office: N213
Phone: (203) 432-4858
Bryce Tapp
Assistant Director for Annual Giving
Phone: (203) 436-3135
Jonathan Taylor
Director of Advancement, Berkeley Divinity School
Office: S107
Phone: (203) 432-9297
Ray Waddle
Reginald Williams
Financial Assistant


Communications Office