Scholarly Engagement
A theological degree in an inclusively Christian community
Graduate education to prepare leaders for church and society.


At Yale Divinity School, students immerse themselves in a challenging academic environment where they analyze contemporary issues in the light of a long tradition of theological reflection. Working with an internationally recognized faculty, Divinity School students learn to write clearly, research independently, listen critically, and manage time effectively—all while enjoying the academic and other benefits of being part of one of the world’s best universities.

Students may cross enroll in courses throughout the university, take advantage of all of its outstanding libraries, and attend formal and informal events within the widest range of disciplines. Additionally, students have the opportunity to complete dual degrees with other graduate and professional schools, such as law, medicine, public health, nursing, environmental studies, and business.

These, we believe, constitute an education that prepares our students to fulfill the Divinity School’s mission to serve church and world in a rapidly changing time.