Resume Books

2015-2016 Resume Books

The office of Divinity Career Services is pleased to present the following resume books. These electronic books offer the opportunity for potential employers, YDS alumni/ae and others to peruse the interests, experiences and passions of our graduating seniors and recent alumni.  You may feel free to directly contact any of the students or alumni/ae whose resumes are contained in these books for further information concerning their experiences, availability, and interest in specific opportunities.  Please note that some ordination-seeking candidates are free to seek employment at will, and others are restricted by denominational polity until such time as they are released for wider searches.  These candidates have listed their resumes for networking purposes only.  The specific status of each candidate may be obtained by contacting that particular candidate directly. 

The books are updated during the first week of every month.  Students that have accepted positions will be removed, candidates may update their status or experiences, and latecomers will be added at those times.  Please bookmark this page so that you may return to it for updated information.   

If you are a potential employer and would like to come to campus to interview potential employees, please contact Susan Olson at 203-432-9485, or by email here. On campus interviews may be open to the entire campus, or restricted to those individuals pre-selected by the resume book (all students have had the option of inclusion in the book). If a shorter list of candidates with particular interests or skills is desired, contact Susan Olson.  It is possible to run a short sorting program producing a list of, for example, Spanish speaking students with an interest in evangelism, or Lutherans interested in youth ministry, etc.  

The 2015-2016 resume book may be found here.

The 2015-2016 Anglican Studies Certificate resume book may be found here.