Elijah Heyward ‘07 M.A.R. and the museum on ‘slavery’s Ellis Island’

By Eric Johnson for Carolina Alumni Review

Elijah Heyward (‘07 M.A.R.) has long been fascinated by historical memory in the South — what we honor and what we choose to bury. …
“Where does the African American experience show up in history, especially in Southern culture?” Heyward asks. “I was interested in a university that could give me the tools to promote and preserve that.” He settled into UNC’s American studies department thinking he might become a professor, someone who interprets society and history for the next generation.
That changed when a radicalized racist named Dylann Roof walked into the centuries-old church on Charleston’s Calhoun Street, sat through a group Bible study, then shot to death nine of the worshippers who had welcomed him. Roof hoped to ignite a purifying race war, and he thought Charleston was the right place to do it.
July 27, 2020