‘Ghost in the Machine’: New issue of Reflections takes up A.I.

Is A.I. a godsend? A threat? Both? In the new issue of Reflections, a collection of writers in the Yale Divinity School community pursue questions and arguments vital to the broader conversation about the ethical direction of artificial intelligence.

Read the new issue of Reflections: “Ghost in the Machine: The Ethics of A.I.”

Although much is unknown about the future of A.I. and its effect on the world, the new issue of the YDS journal is premised on the conviction that it is urgent to address the technology’s power now—its implications for faith, congregations, human destiny—even as conditions morph and escalate. According to Amara’s Law, “We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate the effect in the long run.” Nevertheless, the issue’s writers pursue arguments vital to the ethical direction of this new force. “Technology is always a tool. We get to decide how we respond to A.I.,” writes Allen Reynolds ‘15 M.Div.

Reflections is produced online twice a year by YDS as a public service of the School. Each issue seeks to bring theological insight to a contemporary debate and extend the School’s mission to “foster the knowledge and love of God through scholarly engagement with Christian traditions in a global, multifaith context.”

May 10, 2024