‘Justice system on trial’: Statement by Dean Sterling on Chauvin verdict

April 21, 2021

YDS Dean Greg Sterling released the following statement today.


All of us have breathed a collective sigh of relief that justice was achieved yesterday at the trial of Derek Chauvin. The trial weighed heavily on all who care about justice and human dignity, but especially on Black Americans and members of other underrepresented groups who have been the victims of too many crimes that have either never been brought to court or have been dismissed from courts. The justice system was on trial as well as a particular individual. 
But I recognize it is one trial among many. The work that lies before us is immense, as we are reminded when we witness a police officer’s fatal shooting of Daunte Wright barely over a week ago, just miles from the site where George Floyd was murdered, and yesterday’s fatal shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant, which, while still under investigation, conjures the all-too-familiar pattern of Black people dying at the hands of police. I hope that we can build on yesterday’s verdict, but I recognize it is a single event. 
Each of us is accountable for working toward justice and equity. We cannot make the progress we need without a collective effort.
April 22, 2021