Pilgrim Place Yale folk send greetings to new dean

While the installation of Dean Gregory Sterling took place on the YDS campus, a loyal group of Yale folk on the West Coast were present in spirit at the Oct. 23 ceremony.  The contingent, all residents of Pilgrim Place in Claremont, CA, sent a special greeting, along with a photo, hand-delivered to New Haven by one of their own, Ronald Evans ’70 B.D., a member of the YDS Advisory Board.

The message offered “blessings and good wishes” to Sterling and said, “May this new and hope-filled deanship bring added blessings to Yale and be a time of personal and professional joy celebrated by the entire worldwide Yale community.”

Group Photo

Pictured here are:

First Row: Nancy Rice, David Puntney, Toni  Shimer, Joan Forsberg, Hallam (Hal) Shorrock, Yasuko Shorrock, Walter Davis

Second Row: Ronald Evans, Donald Swearer, James Hargett, Louilyn Hargett, Don Coleman, Antoinette (Anne) Wire, Elizabeth Moore, Deborah McKean, Philip McKean, Janet Evans

Third Row: Nancy Swearer, Tom Duggan, Eliot Shimer, Karl Hilgert, Eleanor Scott Meyers, Russell Becker, Hugh Wire

Absent from the photo: Joseph and Heidi Huff, Stan R. Moore, Paul Minus, Donald Chatfield, Carol Sontag, Ed and Marion Eskildsen

November 5, 2012
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