Women’s leadership in the Catholic Church: Podcast interview with Kerry Robinson

In the new episode of the Divinity School’s “Quadcast,” Kerry Alys Robinson ‘94 M.A.R. of Leadership Roundtable discusses the need for women’s leadership in the Catholic Church, the keys to effective fundraising in faith communities, and the transformative advice she received from a revered faculty member during her time at YDS. 

“No solution to a challenge, facing either the church or the world, will be complete without the presence and authority of women,” says Robinson. 

Listen to the episode.

“The Quadcast” is hosted by Emily Judd ’19 M.A.R., who is Senior Communications Specialist at the Higher Committee of Human Fraternity, an international humanitarian organization supported by Pope Francis, the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar, and the leadership of the United Arab Emirates. She previously worked as a journalist in the Middle East.
December 14, 2022