Campaign Goal
The Living Village Project
The regenerative student residential hall is designed to be the largest living-building housing complex on a university campus.

Living Village Project

See the latested news and construction updates at the Living Village website.

What Is the Living Village?

Adhering to the ambitious standards of the Living Building Challenge, our Living Village will provide affordable housing for students in a net-positive-energy building. Serving as a key component of Yale’s Planetary Solutions initiative, the Living Village will inspire and teach our community to live in harmony with the Earth.

Currently in design, the Living Village at Yale Divinity School will be completed in phases; phase-one construction will begin in 2023, with occupancy expected by August 2025.

Community Impact

A daring expression of Yale Divinity School’s academic and moral vision, the Living Village project will benefit our community by: 

  • providing students below-market rental rates 
  • using forward-looking design that fosters inclusivity and belonging 
  • creating shared space for community and collaboration among future leaders  

Project Highlights

  • Ecologically sustainable structure
  • Zero-carbon footprint
  • Construction that uses only recycled and environmentally friendly materials
  • Triple-net-zero design that treats waste onsite and equips the complex to meet energy and water needs from onsite sun and precipitation
  • Holistic architectural design that will connect with Sterling Divinity Quadrangle for a united living and learning environment
  • An aesthetic that reflects the beauty and inspiration that are central to the YDS ethos and the faith traditions of which we are part

The Living Village is one major way Yale Divinity School is committing itself to addressing the climate crisis and other environmental threats. Learn more about our “Apostles of the Environment” sustainability initiatives in faculty, curriculum, operations, and other areas.

For more information

For further information on the Living Village Project, please contact:

Barbara Sabia
Senior Director of Alumni Engagement and Development
409 Prospect Street New Haven, CT 06511
Telephone: (203) 432-5363

Bruce McCann
Living Village Project Manager
409 Prospect Street New Haven, CT 06511
Telephone: (203) 432-3349

Yale Office of Facilities
Telephone: (203) 432-7874



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