Denominational Programs

The rich ecumenical setting of the Master of Divinity program at Yale Divinity School cultivates the skills necessary for professional ministry in a post-denominational world. As a member of the Association of Theological Schools, YDS meets most denominations’ criteria for Seminary training. However, this does not mean that YDS meets all the requirements specific to ordination in each denomination.

Any person seeking ordination should contact their denomination, both at the local and organizational level, for a full understanding of specific requirements.

Additionally, the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship has created a resource guide that those interested in ordination requirements by denomination might wish to consult. 

YDS students may contact Bill Goettler, Associate Dean for Ministerial and Social Leadership, for more assistance. 

William Goettler

William Goettler

Associate Dean for Ministerial and Professional Leadership, Lecturer in Parish Leadership and Church Administration
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Academic Affairs

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