What Our People Are Doing

YDS students and graduates find amazing ways to fulfill the school’s mission of serving church and world. Here are some common careers and callings of our alumni:

  • Lay and ordained pastoral ministries in and of the churches
  • Education, in both public and private K-12 institutions
  • Higher education administration, ministries, research and teaching
  • Business Management in non-profit enterprises and the private sector
  • Administrative positions in a wide variety of venues
  • Community development, advocacy, and social justice work
  • Arts, arts management
  • Communications, editing, and publishing

And here is a very brief sampling of what some of our more prominent alumni have accomplished in recent years, and the recognition they have received as a result:

  • Barbara Brown Taylor ‘76 M.Div., author of Learning to Walk in the Dark and many other acclaimed books, named of TIME Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People
  • Krista Tippett ‘94 M.Div., host of the radio program “On Being,” named winner of National Humanities Medal
  • Chang Sang ‘70 M.Div. elected President of World Council of Churches for Asia
  • Michael Curry ‘78 M.Div. elected President Bishop of the Episcopal Church, becoming the first African American to hold that high office
  • And, eight YDS alumni are now heads of U.S. seminaries