Blair A.R. Nelsen ’19 M.A.R.

Blair A. R. Nelsen is a leader in the field of spiritual ecology. She currently serves as Executive Director of the eco-spiritual nonprofit Waterspirit and as representative for the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace at the United Nations. Her work builds bridges between the grassroots and the international on faith and environmental issues. Blair is the co-author of the recently-launched Climate Pastoral Care Course, available through Thinkific. She speaks and publishes on various topics in the field of religion and ecology, including climate emotions, environmental justice, eco-spirituality, and water advocacy. She has also translated three books by the Brazilian author Oberom, including Vegan Yoga (2022). Earth-based spiritualities have long guided her personal and professional interests. Blair’s work in the field of religion and ecology is informed by her personal multi-faith perspective as a member of the Self-Realization Fellowship Church and a long-time practitioner of Wicca. Her international perspective is informed by her adolescence in Venezuela and her early career in Brazil. She is also a permaculturist, forager, meditation guide, nature poet, and vocalist.