Herron Gaston ’14 M.Div., ’15 S.T.M.

In 2022, Rev. Dr. Herron Gaston was elected to the Connecticut State Senate from the 23rd District. In this role, he serves as Senate Chair of the Public Safety Committee and the Senate Vice Chair of the Human Services Committee. In addition to this elected role, Gaston continues to serve as the Senior Pastor of Summerfield United Methodist Church in Bridgeport, Conn., and as the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Bridgeport. In his city government role, his responsibilities include Bridgeport’s strategic policy development and administrative operations. Gaston is the founder and director of the Gaston Justice Coalition Group, LLC—a faith-based, non-profit organization comprising pastors, ministers, churches, educators, and community leaders whose mission is to address critical issues and reduce violence and incarceration, particularly in inner cities.