Extended Master of Arts in Religion (M.A.R.)

An extended degree program is offered for selected students in the concentrated M.A.R. program. This allows students to take additional courses during a third academic year.

Each year, the number of openings available for the extended year is determined in late August/early September. The selection committee can fill no more than this number of openings but may develop a waiting list if warranted. There may be two selection rounds, the first in the fall term and a possible second round in the spring term. If students are not selected in the fall, they may reapply in the spring, if there are spaces available, along with students who did not submit their applications for the fall-term selection round. Financial aid for the third year will be limited.

Applications in the fall term are due by October 15; notifications are sent by November 15. Students must notify the YDS Admissions Office of their decision by March 20. Applications in the spring term are due by March 1; notifications are sent by March 26. Students must notify the YDS Admissions Office of their decision by April 15. Current ISM M.A.R. students interested in applying for the third year should contact the ISM Office of Admissions for details.

Students must include the following items in their applications: (1) address and e-mail address; (2) area of concentration; (3) whether the student is or is not an ISM student; (4) a completed M.A.R. course plan (blank copies are downloadable online), with current/anticipated fourth-term courses included; (5) a statement explaining why the student wishes to extend the concentrated M.A.R. program, including the planned course of study for the third year (Ordinarily, it is expected that students will pursue full-time study during the third year.  If a student wishes to study part-time, the application must indicate how many courses will be taken); (6) a description of the doctoral program to which the student will be applying and how it fits into the statement of interest above; and (7) two letters of recommendation from Yale faculty. One of these letters must be from a faculty member in the area of concentration.  These letters should be sent directly to the Academic Affairs Office.

Students accepted into the extended year will need to apply for financial aid, and a new award will be calculated. The new award will not be based on previous scholarship aid received at YDS. The new award will not be based on previous scholarship aid received at YDS, and awards are normally capped at 50% of tuition. Federal loan programs will be available, provided that Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is maintained.

Students who apply and are accepted into one of our international exchange programs as well as into the extended-year MAR program can receive full tuition assistance (assuming demonstrated need) for the semester or year during which they study abroad (financial aid for the extended year is normally capped at half of tuition).  Applicants to the extended-year MAR program should indicate if they are applying/have applied to a study abroad program.  Applicants should demonstrate the ability to benefit fully from the study abroad program, including showing appropriate linguistic competence or plan to acquire such competence.  Up to five such full-tuition awards will be made each year.  Those who wish to use the extended year to study in one of our international exchange programs must apply for tuition assistance in the fall round rather than the spring round (and thus at the same time at which they are applying to the exchange program); notification will be delayed until after the study abroad selection process is completed in late December/early January.


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