Joint Degree Applications

YDS encourages its students to pursue concurrent degree programs that lead to the receipt of more than one degree when such programs constitute a coherent and well-defined preparation for ministry. Students may work simultaneously toward a YDS degree and a degree in certain other Yale schools or other approved graduate programs. (See following list of approved joint-degree programs.) Additionally, students may earn joint degrees in partnership with the school of social work of the University of Connecticut.

In most cases, the period of study required to complete two degrees is less (usually by one year) than would be required to complete those degrees if they were pursued independently. Applicants are encouraged to consult an admissions officer to determine whether the reduced period of study applies to the specific program(s) of interest to the applicant. 

The administrative officers of the schools concerned arrange assessment of tuition and other fees. Students interested in pursuing one of the joint degrees should consult with each school prior to matriculating at either school. In all cases where concurrent degrees are sought, admission to the school must be obtained through the normal admissions processes established by each school.

YDS has established the following policies for joint-degree programs:

  1. Each YDS student who undertakes joint-degree work must secure a faculty adviser in YDS who will supervise such work.
  2. The student will submit to the faculty adviser and to the director of studies a program draft containing the following information:
    1. The student’s reasons for undertaking joint-degree work.
    2. A description of how the student’s expectations are to be met in the other program.
    3. A designation of someone in the other program who may serve as a contact for the YDS adviser.
  3. The faculty adviser will review the student’s progress periodically through contact both with the student and with the designated person in the other program.

Students interested in enrolling in a joint-degree program should notify the registrar and consult the senior associate dean of academic affairs for further information.

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