Black Church Studies

Black Church Studies (BCS) at Yale Divinity School supports interdenominational inquiry and engagement with the history, thought, and practices of African American churches and other Christian communities of African descent. To promote and cultivate such inquiry and engagement, BCS at YDS offers opportunities for critical reflection and practice among emerging and existing leaders in the Black Church and the broader community. 


Through colloquia, special lectures, and other culturally relevant events, BCS at YDS endeavors to create space for innovative and interdisciplinary thinking that responds to the evolving Black Church. BCS at YDS offers a Certificate in Black Church Studies for interested students who intend to serve in historically Black congregations and/or who are inspired by the rich traditions of the Black Church.

In consultation with their academic adviser and the director of BCS at YDS, students are required to complete a range of relevant course work consisting of at least twelve credit hours. In addition, students must attend at least one colloquium per term and complete a supervised ministry in a BCS-designated site.


Academic Affairs

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Office of Supervised Ministries

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