Foreign Language Study

For M.Div. and M.A.R. students, degree credit may be received for any foreign language study beyond the elementary level. Degree credit may be received for elementary-level language study only if:

  1. The language is necessary for reading original texts of the Judeo-Christian tradition, or
  2. The language study is required for the degree (as in the case of several concentrated M.A.R. degrees), or
  3. In consultation with the student’s adviser and the academic dean, the language is deemed necessary to the pursuit of a specified course of ministerial or other professional development.

For students in the comprehensive M.A.R. program or the M.Div. program, elementary-level language study can receive elective credit only. For students in a concentrated M.A.R. program, distribution will be determined in consultation with the student’s adviser. Normally, the limit for elementary-level languages will be twelve hours, and further credit will be given only for intermediate-level languages. The courses French for Reading, German for Reading, and Spanish for Reading are not eligible for elective credit.

Normally, elementary-level foreign language study will not be credited toward S.T.M. degree requirements. Such courses can, however, be recorded on student transcripts.


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