Taking Courses at Other Yale Schools

YDS offers opportunities for study in other schools and departments of Yale University. Divinity students are eligible to enroll in graduate or professional school courses, within the context of their M.Div. or M.A.R. programs, and are encouraged to do so, as long as they meet the general prerequisites for the course as prescribed by its instructor and with the instructor’s written permission. At the time of registration for a fourth course in the same school or department, the student’s program of study comes under review by the Professional Studies Committee.

Work taken elsewhere at the graduate or professional school level may be credited toward YDS degrees as long as the student meets the normal distributional requirements. These courses are governed by the regulations for the transfer of credit (see Transfer of Credit, in the chapter Standards and Requirements).

In every case, at least half of each term’s work must be taken at YDS, and the courses taken outside YDS must be clearly relevant to the student’s professional or vocational goals.


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