Academic Advisors

Jordan speaks with the YDS Staff

“Jordan Talking with the Helpful YDS Staff”, Photo Credit Mia Tabib

Academic Advisors

by Jordan Rebholz


As we get closer and closer to the fall semester many of you are probably wondering about your academic advisors.  Am I right!?  Before arriving last year, I was so concerned about it that I actually lost sleep over it. Seriously, I was an absolute mess.  In an effort to help assuage any anxieties, here are a few things you need to know about academic advisors at YDS:


When will I find out who my advisor is? 

You will find out who your advisor is during BTFO! We know that it is hard to wait for this information, but we assure you it’s worth it. Advisor information is still being solidified at this moment (you are not just randomly assigned an advisor; YDS takes great care in matching you up with the appropriate mentor).


What kind of relationship is this? 

That will totally depend upon you and your advisor. For every faculty at YDS, one can probably find a different approach to being an advisor. Some of you will have advisors that are willing to meet whenever you want, and some will have advisors that will only meet with you once a semester.  Please know that there are many people here to help you in this process and your advisor is only one piece of the puzzle. 


How involved are they in classes/registration?

You are required to meet with your advisor prior to ‘locking in’ your class selection. Locking in refers to the final set of classes you will take for the term, not registration. Many faculty will have sign-up sheets for this meeting posted on their office doors. I would recommend locating their office once you know your advisor both so you can sign up for the meeting, but also just to know where their office is!

Can I choose a different advisor?  

Yes.  If you decide that you wish to change advisors, there is a form located in the registrar’s office, but this is a process that takes place on a term-to-term basis. Thus, the soonest you will probably be able to make the switch would be at the end of the fall/before the spring semesters. You will also change advisors if you choose to change degree plans while at YDS. Lisa Huck (YDS Registrar) will explain more about this at BTFO.  Either way, we hope you will take the first semester to get to know your assigned advisor and then, if you choose to change, there are many people here to help with the process.