Posted September 19, 2018
The first Student Affairs lunch of the semester featured Tsai CITY. In case you missed the opportunity to connect in person, here's a review of why it might be worth adding Tsai CITY to your mix of ideas and activities this year.
Posted August 21, 2018
Greetings from your Dean!
Posted August 20, 2018
Meet the folks who will help guide you through BTFO!
Posted August 18, 2018
It's almost time! Are you ready?
Posted August 17, 2018
A 5-step guide on finding your own community.
Posted August 16, 2018
Our newest partner on the Quad!
Posted August 15, 2018
Meet the keepers of our outdoor sanctuary!
Posted August 15, 2018
Learn a bit about those fine folks who raise all that money for your scholarship!
Posted August 14, 2018
The first of three introductions to our partners on the Quad.
Posted August 13, 2018
Your online orientation has begun!
Posted August 13, 2018
Posted August 10, 2018
Introducing Char White, the YDS Student Sustainability Coordinator!
Posted August 8, 2018
An overview of the community waiting to welcome you!
Posted August 7, 2018
Here's the lowdown on exactly how those meal points work and where you can spend them!
Posted August 6, 2018
An official greeting by Susan Olson, who IS the YDS Office of Career Services!
Posted August 3, 2018
Because we haven't already given you enough cultural New Haven info....
Posted August 1, 2018
Introducing the women and men behind the curtain!
Posted July 30, 2018
Pizza in New Haven is serious business. We engaged a local to guide you...
Posted July 29, 2018
Part II of the glossary!
Posted July 28, 2018
A glossary of terms - in two parts! - to help you learn the Yale vernacular!