Posted August 21, 2019
During BTFO you'll be split up into small groups. Meet the current students who will lead these small groups.
Posted August 20, 2019
The final schedule for BTFO is here!
Posted July 18, 2019
Wondering what the heck you're going to be up to during orientation? Here's a little sneak peek! Okay, it's a prettty big peek.
Posted July 17, 2019
Here's the one who's going to help us put it all the little, might crucial, details together behind the scenes, Omar!
Posted July 15, 2019
Next up in our miniseries of intros, our leader of leaders, Jessica!
BTFO 2019 Leadership Team
Posted July 15, 2019
Who are these people that keep popping up in my feed?! Your BTFO Leadership Team! Want to know more? Great! Well here's a series of introductions. First up: Geronimo!
Posted July 13, 2019
We know. You've been waiting forever for this to happen, but it's finally here! Registration for fall orientation is open!