New Haven: It’s More Than Just Yale

“New Haven: It’s More Than Just Yale”

by Jordan Rebholz

We hope that you all are spending your summer doing lots of fun things and preparing yourself for the big move! While we know that you are excited about coming to Yale, it’s also important to know that there is more to Yale than the beautiful campus.  New Haven is an incredible city with so much to offer and we hope that all of you will remember that being a part of the Yale community is only one part of the equation. The New Haven community is diverse and eclectic and you will find so many amazing things to do when you arrive.  Being a graduate student can be a complicated identity (you’re not an undergrad, but you don’t really know if you’re a city resident…) and moving to a new city can be difficult to navigate.  We want to offer you a few suggestions on how to make the transition a little easier and tips on what to do once you get here!

First, get a library card.  Yes, we know that the Yale Library system is one of the best in the world, but we think it’s important to get to know the New Haven Free Public Library.  They have tons of events and programs throughout the year, like movie screenings and yoga classes, and even offer amazing resources for families and children, like playgroups and a LEGO club! Check them out at

Second, check out the DMV.  If you are moving to New Haven from another state, and need to transfer you driver’s license or vehicle registration, we recommend doing this as soon as you arrive.  Honestly, once classes start you will want to spend any amount of free time you have actually doing fun things… not standing in line at the DMV.  Here is the link to the Connecticut DMV Page for “Licensing Requirements for New Residents”:|28069|#28073

Third, go walk around!  Once you arrive, we know that you are going to want to unpack everything as quickly as possible so that you can start getting ready for your first semester (and the fabulous BTFO, of course!).  And yes, it’s very important to make sure you settle in and make your space as comfortable as possible, but we suggest going for a walk and getting to know your new home.  Go check out a pizza place downtown or find the Shubert Theater! Go get lunch and sit on a bench in the New Haven Green!  We want you all to get to know this incredible city that we love so much.  

Please remember that Yale is your school, but New Haven is where you live.   Like we said, once the semester begins it becomes a little harder to go out and explore, so we recommend doing this as soon as you get here.  If you need suggestions on where to eat or where to play, just ask! All of us here are ready to show you all of the amazing things New Haven has to offer. We can’t wait for you to get here! 


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