Spotlight: Julie Kelsey, Assistant Dean of Students for Pastoral Concerns

Assistant Dean Julie Kelsey

Julie Kelsey is the Assistant Dean for Pastoral Affairs, working in the Office of Student Affairs. She is the “go to” person as the year unfolds and you begin to have questions that you don’t know how to answer (or who to ask).  Questions like  ’What am I doing here, I thought I knew but now I’m not so sure….’ Or ‘My coursework has shaken up the faith I came with, now what?’  

Sometimes relationships stress or fray. Sometimes sickness might intervene, then what?  Whatever problems arise, Julie can help you get to a solution or point to the person who can help.

Julie is an Episcopal priest who graduated from Smith College (BA) Bridgeport University (MS in Counseling) and YDS (MDiv) She’s on campus everyday and can easily be found.  Her office is located right next to the candy bowl, a landmark you will discover very quickly if you haven’t already.

She is a staunch advocate of self-care as you will hear at BTFO, and a strong member of your support team at YDS.  She is as excited as we are to meet you!