Berkeley Divinity School

Welcome to all incoming students, and greetings from Berkeley Divinity School! BDS is the Anglican community within Yale Divinity School. Originally founded in Middletown, CT, BDS moved to New Haven in the 1920s and officially affiliated with Yale Divinity School in 1971.

As one of America’s accredited Episcopal seminaries, one of its central goals to empower future Anglican priests and lay-leaders to go out and do God’s work in the world. But beyond this, BDS also seeks to serve the wider Yale community by opening up spaces of prayer and fellowship. Morning Prayer takes place in Berkeley House on Canner Street on at 7:30 every Monday-Friday morning (8:00 during BTFO!), and Evening Prayer is offered on Mondays at 5:30. Whatever your faith tradition it can be spiritually refreshing to begin and end one’s day with prayer—especially when it’s followed by coffee—and the whole YDS community is warmly invited.

BDS also has Eucharist in Marquand Chapel every Wednesday at 6:00, followed by A community meal at the Berkeley House. The food is lovingly prepared by the students living at the House, and again, everyone is invited. After all, a free meal with friends can make life a whole lot easier in the middle of a busy week.

Finally, Berkeley helps to coordinate the Annand Program for Spiritual Formation, a school-wide program that provides spiritual direction for both groups and individuals throughout the year. If you want to be part of a group dedicated to spiritual discernment and mutual formation, if you want to get involved in retreats, or if you want individual spiritual direction, then be sure to get involved—all these things can be invaluable.