Introducing: The Business Office

In our continued efforts to introduce all the folks who ensure that Yale Divinity School runs as brilliantly as it does, we're happy to shine a spotlight today on the many individuals who comprise the Office of Finance and Administration. Read, enjoy, and inwardly digest—they're amazing, and will turn seemingly complicated moments into the essence of simplicity.

What is your department called, and who are the people in your department?

The Office of Finance & Administration, aka The Business Office is comprised of Sandy Lynch (Director of Finance & Admin), Ann-Marie Piscitelli (Assoc. Director of Finance & Admin), Sherry Ford (Financial Analyst), and Tim Goselin (Financial Assistant). Our department also covers ITS (Bob Piscatelli and Sijo Kizhakkekara) and the Bookstore (Andrew Sowers).

What is your department responsible for?

Financial transactions, payroll, student employment, CPE, building operations & maintenance, apartments, room scheduling, and more.

What are the most common questions students have for you during the year, and what are the answers to these questions?

Q: How do I reserve a room for my event at YDS?

A: Students should inquire with the YDS Office of Student Affairs to ensure the event meets YDS policies, and complete a room request form.

Q: How do I get paid for my student job/submit the hours I worked?

A: Have your supervisor contact the Business Office to sort out the details and paperwork involved in hiring you. Watch for notifications from Student Employment about your tax documents. Please note that the I-9 form and ID verification are required by federal law and MUST be completed BEFORE you can perform any work. It is also your responsibility to submit your timesheets in a timely fashion, i.e. weekly, and that failure to be prompt about this may result in termination. Resources for how to submit your electronic timesheets are available at

Q: Where’s my check?!

A: Depends on what type of check. Tim can usually tell you, but we highly recommend direct deposit; this is both to receive your check on time, and because we try very hard to be an eco-friendly organization. We will no longer have student mailboxes for checks to go to.

Q: Can I receive mail at YDS?

A: No. This year we will no longer have student mailboxes. Please have personal mail and packages sent to your home address, not YDS. We are not liable for your deliveries.

One piece of general advice you would give to new students?

While you’re getting to know your peers here, also get to know the administrative staff, the custodians, food services, groundskeepers… this is a great community that is serviced by some fine people who really care and take pride in making your experience at YDS a happy and fruitful one.