Introducing: The Development Office

The Development Office at YDS consists of the following people:

Jim Hackney ’79 M.A.R., Senior Director of Development

James Ebert ’97 M.Div., Director of Major Gifts

Michelle Gall ’80 B.S. Senior Administrative Assistant

Diana Empsall Development Coordinator

We are also supported by a group of 4-7 current students who work part time with us.

We are responsible for raising funds for all aspects of YDS. We currently are focused on increasing student scholarships and raising funds to build a new Living Village for students to live in. We are also responsible for stewardship for all contributed funds that people have given in the past.

If a student receives a scholarship from YDS, they will be notified in late fall, of who the donor was and asked to write a letter to them telling them about what they are studying. If the scholarship was set up so long ago that the donor or any family members are no longer alive, we ask the student to write the Dean. YDS currently has over 3000 active donors who support us because of their belief of the difference our students can make in this world! This is an amazing connection. It costs YDS over $62,000 a year per student, yet tuition is only $24,000 a year. This is possible because of the gifts that people have made in the past and are making currently. 90% of our current students receive financial aid through the Divinity School that is all made possible by these donors. More of our alumni make annual gifts to YDS than any other group of seminary alumni to any other school in the United States. Jim and James spend a lot of time traveling to meet with donors. We also work very closely with the Alumni and Communications office on events, public relations and anything that deals with external affairs. Come say hello and if you are asked to write a letter, submit a picture of anything else, please help us help you!