Power & Privilege Resources

Over the course of BTFO, we will be particiapting in some conversations around power and privilege. These conversations are meant to prepare you for what to expect inside and outside the classroom here at Yale Divinity School. 

Included in this blog post is a list of resources that I’ve previously read or watched that I think will be helpful in framing these discussions. They’re simply listed in alphabetical order, not by order of importance; I think they are all great and I implore you to check out as many as you can before we meet togeher Thursday!

3 Lessons of Revolutionary Love in a Lifetime of Rage
TEDTalk Video ft. Valarie Kaur

A Guide to (Not) Using the N-Word
Article by Aliah Luckman

“Black sounding” name and their surprising history
Video by Say It Loud • PBS

The Dangers of White Feminism
Tumblr Post by stardust-rain

Having Trouble Explaining Opression?
Comic by Everyday Feminism

The Impostor Syndrome
Video by The School of Life

My Journey Toward Radical Body Positivity
Article by Matt McGorry

Pronouns: A Resouce
Article by GLSEN

To Dismantle Anti-Asian Racism, We Must Understand Its Roots
Article by Lily Zheng

White Men
Article by Sara Ahmed

Worksim is Making Americans Miserable 
Article by Derek Thompson