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Posted August 22, 2017
With the start of BTFO so close, it is now time to introduce you to your small group leaders! Everyone will find out what small group they're in tomorrow morning (it will be on the name card you pick up at Registration), but for now, here are the bios which have been prepared by the many people who will be dedicating their time to making you feel as welcome and orientated as possible over the next few days.
Posted August 22, 2017
Amazing as it seems, BTFO is now only ONE day away! So, here's our penultimate blog post. First things first, here is the Final Version of the BTFO Schedule. Be sure to download it so its handy throughout the week—and I hope you're as excited as we are about things getting started. But the main purpose of this post is so that you can read our wonderful Dean Sterling's welcome to all of you. Keep your eyes posted for one final post today, introducing all our BTFO Small Group Leaders. For now, please enjoy Dean Sterling's introduction to life at YDS.
Posted August 21, 2017
One of the great spaces at YDS is the Yale Divinity Farm. A community garden established in 2009 by students, faculty, and administrators, the Div Farm is a great resource for Divvies. Year-round, people study, contemplate nature, pick herbs, meet friends, and join community events in the beautiful YDS Farm space. They BBQ, sit around the fire pit, play croquet and frisbee, and enjoy the birds and other wildlife. The garden offers a space that allows for us to continue thinking academically about our theology while actively engaging our senses with the extraordinary gift of God’s creation.
Posted August 20, 2017
The Development Office is responsible for raising funds for all aspects of YDS. We currently are focused on increasing student scholarships and raising funds to build a new Living Village for students to live in. We are also responsible for stewardship for all contributed funds that people have given in the past.
Posted August 18, 2017
Welcome to all incoming students, and greetings from Berkeley Divinity School! BDS is the Anglican community within Yale Divinity School. Originally founded in Middletown, CT, BDS moved to New Haven in the 1920s and officially affiliated with Yale Divinity School in 1971.
Posted August 17, 2017
Andover Newton Seminary (ANS) is the newest partner to YDS in supporting professional, pastoral formation. Incoming students who are interested in ministry in congregations will all find resources at Andover Newton Seminary at YDS.
Posted August 17, 2017
Andover Newton Seminary (ANS) is the newest partner to YDS in supporting professional, pastoral formation. Incoming students who are interested in ministry in congregations will all find resources at Andover Newton Seminary at YDS.
Posted August 15, 2017
In our continued efforts to introduce all the folks who ensure that Yale Divinity School runs as brilliantly as it does, we're happy to shine a spotlight today on the many individuals who comprise the Office of Finance and Administration. Read, enjoy, and inwardly digest—they're amazing, and will turn seemingly complicated moments into the essence of simplicity.
Posted August 14, 2017
The Career Services office at YDS is a very small office that packs a big punch! In this office (of one—me!) you will find career counseling, drop-in career advising, programs featuring career options, a career website with job posting and posted career resources (sample resumes, biographies of alumni, etc.) and a series of events including networking opportunities and occasional workshops on career skills. I’m looking forward to leading some of these workshops during BTFO.
Posted August 12, 2017
We've had the first half of our Registrar's exceptionally helpful glossary—now steel yourself for part two, which explains such handy acronyms as SML, YDSG, and even SFAS!
Posted August 10, 2017
One of the most potentially daunting things about coming to a new place—in my experience at least—is the fact of needing to learn a new vernacular. There can always be new abbreviations, new idioms, new words even. Well, if this is daunting to you as well, never fear, for our wonderful Registrar has you covered. We introduced you to Lisa and the Registrar's Office earlier in the week. Now it's her turn to introduce you to the wonderful world of YDS terms. Here's the first half—look out for the second half tomorrow!
Posted August 8, 2017
Hi, everyone, and welcome once again to Yale Divinity School! Lisa and Roslyn in the Registrar’s office look forward to welcoming you in person and to helping you navigate “all the things” that await you here at YDS. Over the Summer we’ve asked you for things like your final undergraduate transcript and your ID photo and reminded you that Yale Health needs things from your medical records. Once you get here for BTFO we’ll be the source of more exciting news: like who your adviser is, how you can get your ID card, and how and when you will register for classes. You may also want to know that Lisa is the person to talk to if you are a U.S. Veteran, or want to change your enrollment status in some way, and Roslyn is the go-to person for an ID card for your spouse or to change information in your student record. As your time at YDS unfolds we are here to help you track your degree progress and make sure you are meeting your requirements (Lisa) or to obtain a transcript of your YDS coursework or get an enrollment verification (Roslyn).
Posted August 7, 2017
As you may know, this year’s BTFO is a newly-designed orientation experience. What you may not know is that the redesign was inspired by the principles on offer in a book titled Designing Your Life-How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life. Suffice it to say, we think pretty highly of the book, and believe that the principles of “design thinking” will help you in designing a YDS experience (and a life) of joy and meaning.
Posted August 4, 2017
Many of you have been inquiring about the schedule for Before the Fall Orientation (BTFO). Well, here it is…hot off the press! The incoming class of BTFO will be the first to experience our newly redesigned orientation program. Each day has been structured to welcome and introduce you to the YDS community, and to meaningfully ground you in the relationships and resources that will serve to support you through your time here.
Posted August 2, 2017
Among the incredible opportunities that come with being a student at Yale Divinity School, it is sometimes easy to miss some of the possibilities opened up by being part of the wide Yale University family. So, as we get closer and closer to the start of term, we're going to post blogs describing some of the resources it is well worth taking advantage of to make the very most of your time at YDS!
Posted July 26, 2017
We've gone through some of the best coffee and pizza in New Haven, but there is also more to the town than caffeinated goodness and supremely crafted Neapolitan specialities. We asked some of our Before the Fall Orientation small group leaders for their favorite things to do around town, to make sure you have a full panoply of options—all of which are well worth checking out.
Posted July 22, 2017
Dear incoming students, I hope this message finds you well on this most lovely day in New Haven (I hope it is where you are, as well!). In just about one month from today, we will be formally welcoming you to the Yale Divinity School community through our “Before the Fall” Orientation (BTFO) program, which is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, August 23rd. In the intervening time, however, we will also be offering a number of resources and opportunities designed to ease your transition and to better acquaint you with the enterprise and life of our community.
Posted July 19, 2017
To say that New Haven takes its pizza seriously is an understatement. There's some major local pride surrounding the particular genre of New Haven pizza. One should be very careful to distinguish it from New York pizza: developed from traditional Neapolitan pizza types, New Haven pizza is very much a thing unto itself, characterized by thin bases, lightly charred crusts, the finest ingredients and a particular kind of brilliant simplicity. More than this, it is held by many to be the best pizza in America, if not the world (and there's every chance they may be right). With this in mind, it seems that the least we can do is write a few introductory paragraphs to the major pizza stops in New Haven.
Posted July 6, 2017
Among the many questions anyone asks before going to grad school, perhaps the most important is 'where is coffee to be found?' We are of course fortunate to have plenteous supplies of caffeine at the Divinity School itself, provided by our incredible cafeteria staff. The Office of Student Affairs also hosts a “Community Coffee Hour” (for 30 minutes!) everyday (Monday through Friday) at 11am in the Common Room during the academic year. One can also get coffee in the YDS Refectory, provided by our incredible Refectory staff (for a small fee). But since the cafeteria doesn't open until the semester starts, and since it's well worth exploring New Haven in any case, here's a list of some of the best places to sit, relax, chat, or read whilst sipping on fine caffeinated beverages. We've even divided it up into patio spots perfect for socializing and the slightly more work-orientated spaces, not that the two categories are mutually exclusive! (Disclaimer: I only ever drink regular drip filtered coffee, so I can give no guidance on the quality of cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, and all that stuff. But I'm sure they're good.)
Posted July 1, 2017
After ten days of looking back at YDS Alumin and some of the amazing things they've done, we are now incredibly excited to announce that you can now register for BTFO 2017! The registration form can be found by clicking here.