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Posted June 14, 2017
As the start of the academic year starts to get closer, I can imagine a number of people are starting to think about how to get to New Haven...
Posted May 22, 2017
Today we're introducing the final member of the BTFO 2017 Leadership Team—Ed Watson, who is running communications. We'll be getting quite a bit of information out to you over the next few months through this blog, so be sure to watch this space. For now, we hope you're already looking forward to getting to YDS.
Posted May 21, 2017
Today, we're delighted to introduce Glory Jeon, who will be running hospitality for BTFO 2017!
Posted May 20, 2017
Yesterday, we introduced our BTFO Coordinator, Shancia. Today's we're happy to introduce Kazimir, who will be running Logistics throughout BTFO.
Posted May 19, 2017
To all admitted students matriculating in 2017: welcome to Yale Divinity School, from your “Before the Fall” Orientation (BTFO) Leadership team. We can't wait to meet all of you soon. We're going to be getting quite a bit of information out to you on this blog over the next few months—and we'll do our best to answer your questions and provide resources so that you can feel confident you know what's going on as you prepare to travel to New Haven. First, we're going to introduce our selves over the next few days, beginning with Shancia, your BTFO coordinator.
Posted August 28, 2016
Posted August 19, 2016
Posted August 17, 2016
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Posted August 13, 2016
Posted August 11, 2016
Registrar Lisa Huck hot-air balooning
Posted August 11, 2016