Meet Our Faculty!

YDS faculty are an amazing group of individuals who do more than teach and advise. If you were physically on campus for open house, they would have been out in large numbers to meet and greet you. To help you get to know them a little, we asked a few of our faculty members to do videos to share about the programs and areas they teach in as well as opportunities of study that exist within their disciplines. We have also provided a few links for you to explore their current work, interests, research, books. Also available for your exploration are videos of their voices and thoughts about matters that are extremely relevant in our world today. We hope you enjoy this webpage as you hear from some of our faculty. Please feel free to contact them after you have listened to their messages and explored the additional website pages. They are eager to hear from you!

The curriculum at YDS is divided into five main academic areas, along with supervised ministries, the scope and purposes of which may be described briefly as follows:

  • Area I—Biblical Studies Old Testament, New Testament, and cognate studies.
  • Area II—Theological Studies Theology, Christian ethics, and liturgical studies.
  • Area III—Historical Studies Studies in the historical substance of Christian faith and tradition.
  • Area IV—Ministerial Studies Studies in the work of the church and the various forms of its ministry in the world.
  • Area V—Comparative and Cultural Studies Studies in religion, philosophy, the arts, personality, and society, including social ethics.
  • Supervised Ministries Field education, together with theological reflection, in church, social, educational, or clinical ministries.

Area I Hebrew Bible

Hebrew Bible:  Faculty Coordinator Joel Baden
Associated faculty: John Collins, Greg Mobley, Eric Reymond, Jacqueline Vayntrub

Area I New Testament

New Testament:  Faculty Coordinator Michal Beth Dinkler 
Associated faculty: Judy Gundry, JanJan Lin, Laura Nasrallah, Greg Sterling

Area II Christian Ethics

Ethics:  Faculty Coordinator Jennifer Herdt 
Associated faculty: Adam Eitel, Clifton Granby, Eboni Marshall Turman

Area II Theology

Theology:  Faculty Coordinator Mark Heim
Teresa Berger, Willie Jennings, Chloë Starr, Linn Tonstad, Eboni Marshall Turman, Miroslav Volf

Area III Historical Studies

History of Christianity:  Faculty Coordinator Tisa Wenger
Associated faculty: Bruce Gordon, Erika Helgen, Katie Lofton, Kenneth Minkema, Vasileios Marinis, Andrew McGowan, Laura Nasrallah, Sally Promey, Harry Stout

Area IV Practical Theology

Practical Theology:  Faculty Coordinator Joyce Mercer 
Associated faculty: Donyelle McCray, Mary Moschella, Carolyn Sharp, Jere Wells, Almeda Wright

Area V Comparative and Cultural Studies

Asian Religions:  Faculty Coordinator Chloë Starr 
Associated faculty:  Eric Greene

Additional Concentrates

Black Religion in the African Diaspora

Black Religions in the African Diaspora: Faculty Coordinator Willie Jennings 
Associated faculty: Clifton Granby, Donyelle McCray, Eboni Marshall Turman, Almeda Wright

Latinx and Latin American Christianity

Latinx and Latin American Christianity:  Faculty Coordinator Erika Helgen 

Liturgical Studies

Liturgical Studies:  Faculty Coordinator Teresa Berger 
Associated faculty: Andrew McGowan, Melanie Ross, Bryan Spinks 

Pastoral Theology

Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology

Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology:  Faculty Coordinator John Pittard 
Associated faculty: Clifton Granby, John Hare

Religion and the Arts

Religion and the Arts:  Faculty Coordinator Vasileos Marinis 
Associated faculty: Martin Jean, Sally Promey, Markus Rathey, Chris Wiman

Religion and Ecology

Religion and Ecology:  Faculty Coordinator Jennifer Herdt 
Associated faculty: Teresa Berger, Adam Eitel, Clifton Granby, John Grim, Willie Jennings, Greg Mobley, Sally Promey, Carolyn Sharp, Greg Sterling, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Eboni Marshall Turman, Tisa Wenger  

Certificate Programs

Black Church Studies

Catholic Lay Ministerial Studies

Lutheran Studies

Video unavailable, please see a full program description on Denominational Programs - Lutheran Studies

Contact: Timothy Keyl, Director -

Reformed Studies 

Video unavailable, please see a full program description on Degree Programs and Certificates - Reformed Studies

Contact: Maria LaSalle,

United Methodist Studies

Video unavailable, please see a full program description on Denominational Programs - United Methodist Studies


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