2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 (and 2018) Recent Grads

Class Notes and Class Secretary Information: 

If you don’t see class information listed here, please check the Class Notes pages for the most recent updates.

Class Secretaries:
2014: N/A
2015: Stephen P. Hagerty (rev.stephen.hagerty@gmail.com)
2016: Harley L. Roberts (Harley.roberts@yale.edu)
2017: N/A
2018: N/A

Class Agents:
2014: Claire B. Dietrich Ranna ‘14 M.Div.
Corinne M. Ellis ‘14 M.Div.
Timothy A. Kennedy ‘14 M.Div.
Randall Spaulding ‘14 M.Div.
Christopher J. Washnock ‘14 M.A.R.

2015: J.E. ”Win” Bassett, IV ‘15 M.A.R.
Meredith J. Day ‘15 M.A.R.
Randy R. Goldson ‘15 M.A.R.
Stephen P. Hagerty ‘15 M.Div.
Daniel L. Ledford ‘15 M.A.R.
Andrew Y. Moore ‘15 M.Div.
Miriam Samuelson-Roberts ‘15 M.Div.
Peter G.C. Schattauer ‘15 M.Div.
William S. Stanley ‘15 M.Div.

2016: Nathan Anderson M.Div.
Patrick Angiolillo M.A.R.
Jocelyn Burney M.A.R.
Jaimie Crumley S.T.M., M.Div. ‘15
Natasha Huang M.A.R.
Allison Huggins M.Div.
Brian Kelly M.Div., ‘74 B.A.
Robert Pennoyer M.Div.
Nicole Perone M.Div.
Jaqueline Spycher M.Div.
Margaret Mary Stapleton Smith M.A.R.
Joshua Travis M.A.R.
Joshua Wehe M.A.R.
Jeremy Williams M.Div.

2017: James Cramer M.Div.
Jon Heinly M.Div.
Johnie Jones M.Div
Jason Land M.Div.
Robbie Laughton M.Div.
Katrina Manzi M.Div.
Kevin McKoy M.Div.
Andy McQuery M.Div.
Justin Mikulencak M.Div.
Alex Nicolai M.A.R.
Jenny Peek M.Div.
Pauline Samuel M.Div.
Pam Stevens M.Div.
Tyler Ung M.Div.

Program Information: 

If you wish to be a part of planning your reunion celebration, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations for information.

Hope to attend: 

Attendees may also be listed on the front page of the Convocation site.

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