Philo of Alexandria - Monograph Series

SBL Press also publishes monographs on Philo and related subjects in Hellenistic Judaism. These form the sub-series The Studia Philonica Monograph Series.

Editor of the series Michael B. Cover, who is assisted by the same Advisory board that has been instituted for the Annual.

Scholars are encouraged to submit manuscripts on Philo and Hellenistic Judaism to Professor Tobin, who will be willing to furnish more information on conditions and requirements. Monographs will only be considered if written in the English language (this applies less rigidly for collected essays). English translations of works written in other languages are warmly encouraged. Authors who are not native speakers must ensure that their English is fluent and correct. 

So far seven monographs have appeared in the series:

  • J. Kenny (ed.), The School of Moses: Studies in Philo and Hellenistic Religion in Memory of Horst R. Moehring , Brown Judaic Studies 304, Studia Philonica Monographs 1 (Atlanta: SBL Press, 1995), xi + 182 pages.
  • E. Birnbaum, The Place of Judaism in Philo’s Thought: Israel, Jews, and Proselytes, Brown Judaic Studies 290, Studia Philonica Monographs 2 (Atlanta: SBL Press, 1996), xviii + 262 pages.
  • M. Alexandre Jr., Rhetorical Argumentation in Philo of Alexandria, Brown Judaic Studies 322, Studia Philonica Monographs 3 (Atlanta: SBL Press, 1999), xx + 322 pages
  • G. E. Sterling (ed.), The Ancestral Wisdom: Hellenistic Philosophy in Second Temple Judaism. Essays of David Winston, Studia Philonica Monographs 4, Brown Judaic Studies 331 (Providence RI 2001).
  • A. C. Geljon, Philonic Exegesis in Gregory of Nyssa’s De Vita Moysis, BJS 333 Brown Judaic Studies 333, Studia Philonica Monographs 5 (Atlanta: SBL Press, 2002).
  • H. Svebakken, Philo of Alexandria’s Exposition on the Tenth Commandment, Studia Philonica Monographs 6 (Atlanta: SBL Press, 2013).
  • S. Yli-Karjanmaa, Reincarnation in Philo of Alexandria, Studia Philonica Monographs 7 (Atlanta: SBL Press, 2015).
  • J. M. Rogers, Didymus the Blind and the Alexandrian Christian Reception of Philo, Studia Philonica Monograph Series 8 (Atlanta: SBL Press, 2017).

Before the inception of the Monograph series a number of monographs on Philo were published as part of the Brown Judaic Series.

  • D. Winston, and J. Dillon, Two Treatises of Philo of Alexandria: a Commentary on De Gigantibus and Quod Deus Sit Immutabilis, Brown Judaic Series 25 (Chico CA 1983).
  • L. Grabbe, Etymology in early Jewish interpretation: the Hebrew names in Philo, Brown Judaic Series 115 (Atlanta 1988).
  • P. Borgen, Philo, John and Paul: New Perspectives on Judaism and Early Christianity, Brown Judaic Series 131 (Atlanta 1987).
  • A. Mendelson, Philo’s Jewish Identity, Brown Judaic Series 161 (Atlanta 1988).
  • D. Sly, Philo’s Perception of Women, Brown Judaic Series209 (Atlanta 1990).
  • D. M. Hay (ed.), Both Literal and Allegorical: Studies in Philo of Alexandria’s Questions and Answers on Genesis and Exodus, Brown Judaic Series 232 (Atlanta 1991).

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