Health, Counseling, and Support

All full time degree-candidate students at YDS and the University at large are enrolled in the Yale Health Plan’s basic coverage program.  The YHP Basic Coverage covers preventative health, mental health, and a broad range of medical services.  Students are then required to purchase hospitalization and prescription drug coverage, unless they are covered under another policy (via a spouse or parent).  Fees are posted to a student’s bill.

Student Health Plan FAQ

Mental Health and Counseling Resources

All students enrolled in the Yale Health Plan have access to Mental Health and Counseling treatment options. Mental Health & Counseling (MHC) is committed to addressing Yale students’ psychological concerns and helping them achieve their intellectual and personal goals. To that end, MHC provides short-term therapy that is individualized to the student’s personal situation. For most students, this approach enables them to move forward and successfully handle the challenges they encounter.

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