Asian Religions

The concentration in Asian Religions requires twelve credit hours of language study and a minimum of twelve credit hours of study in Asian religions. At least eighteen credit hours of YDS course work is required of all candidates.

Faculty with an interest in this field include:

Faculty Coordinator: 

  • Chloë Starr (Chinese Christian theology; Chinese theology and literature; taught courses also include East Asian theologies and Asian American theologies)

Associated Faculty: 

  • Supriya Gandhi (Asian religions, Islamic studies)

  • Eric Greene (medieval Chinese Buddhism, Buddhist meditation practices; interaction between Indian Buddhism and indigenous Chinese culture)

  • Sonam Kachru (Asian religions, religion and modernity)

  • Hwansoon Kim (colonial, modern, and contemporary Korean Buddhism from a transnational perspective)

  • Aleksandar Uskokov (Indian philosophy and the history of ideas; the traditions of Vedānta, Mīmāṁsā, and Vaishnavism)