Hebrew Bible

The concentration in Hebrew Bible prepares students for the critical study of the Hebrew Bible, its languages, texts, and contexts. The curriculum encompasses 1) the study of Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, as well as offerings in relevant ancient languages; 2) a wide range of interpretive courses, both textual and thematic; 3) courses in the ancient Near Eastern and Mediterranean context and in the history of interpretation. Students frequently make use of the rich resources at Yale in the departments of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Religious Studies, Classics, Comparative Literature, Art History, and Anthropology, as well as the holdings of Yale’s many collections. The concentration requires eighteen credit hours of Hebrew and Hebrew-based courses, six credit hours of Greek, the foundation courses in Old and New Testament Interpretation, and six credit hours of exegetical, thematic, or historical courses. Many students in this concentration advance to do doctoral work in Hebrew Bible and related areas.

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