Student Government

Student Government
The Yale Divinity School Student Government (YDSG) acts as a liaison between Yale Divinity School Students and the Yale Divinity School Administration. Responsibilities include convening a monthly meeting of all Student Group Leaders and elected representatives to the YDSG, working with the Dean on issues that impact the YDS Community and publicly addressing issues of concern or interest as they arise through community conversations.

You can email the YDSG executive leadership team via The constituion and bylaws of our Yale Divinity Student Government can be found below in PDF format also.

Elected YDSG Leadership 2023-24:

YDSG Executive Leadership:
President: Jamal Davis Neal Jr. MDiv ‘24

Vice-President: Ellen VanDyke Bell MAR ‘24
YDSG Secretary: Milton Gilder MDiv ‘25
YDSG Treasurer: S.J. DeMattio MAR ‘25

MDiv Representatives:
1st Year M.Div. Reps: Spencer Beckman MDiv ‘26 & Nana Boahen MDiv ‘26
2nd Year M.Div. Reps: Lauren Maxwell MDiv ‘25 & Karen Cortez MDiv ‘25
3rd Year M.Div. Reps: Giselle Gaytan MDiv ‘24 & Caroline Blosser MDiv ‘24

MAR Representatives:
1st Year M.A.R. Reps: Mary Elizabeth Marquardt MAR ‘25 & Morgan Conliffe MAR ‘24
2nd Year M.A.R. Reps: Isabel Frazza MAR ‘24 & Lizzy Hane MAR ‘24
3nd Year M.A.R. Reps: Sharon Yao MAR ‘24

STM Representatives:

2 open positions available. 

Graduate & Professional Student Senate Representatives: 
1st Year GPSS Senator: Odyssey Mann MDiv ‘26
2nd Year GPSS Senator: Dafne Villanueva MAR ‘24
3rd Year GPSS Senator: Robert Lofberg STM ‘24

YDS Partners on the Quad Representatives:
Andover Newton Seminary Reps: Myles Riley MDiv ‘25 OPEN POSITION
Berkeley Divinity School Reps: Robin Brown MDiv ‘26 & Misty Krasawski MDiv ‘26
ISM Reps: Nathan Peace MDiv ‘25 & OPEN POSITION

PDF icon YDSG Constitution and Bylaws200.02 KB


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