Student Government

Student Government

The Yale Divinity School Student Government (YDSG) acts as a liaison between Yale Divinity School Students and the Yale Divinity School Administration. Responsibilities include convening a monthly meeting of all Student Group Leaders and elected representatives to the YDSG, working with the Dean on issues that impact the YDS Community and publicly addressing issues of concern or interest as they arise through community conversations.

Elected YDSG Leadership 2019-2020:

President: Jessica Church, MDiv 2021
Vice-President: JaQuan Beachem, MDiv 2021
Secretary: Essence Ellis, MDiv 2021
Treasurer: Stephen Erich, MDiv 2021
CLC Coordinator: Omar Nicholson, MDiv 2021
1st Year MDiv Reps: Sophie Beal, MDiv 2022; Daryl Denelle, MDiv 2022
2nd Year MDiv Rep: Ryan Joslin-Dirk, MDiv 2021; Grace Woodward, MDiv 2021
3rd Year MDiv Reps: Stephanie Addenbrooke, MDiv 2020; Kayla Ford, MDiv 2020
1st Year MAR Reps: Cordaro Shaw, MAR 2021; One open spot
2nd Year MAR Reps: Chet Duke, MAR 2020; Laura Snell, MAR 2020
3rd Year MAR Rep: One open spot
1st Year GPSS Senator: Phil Antinone, MDiv 2022
2nd Year GPSS Senator: JaQuan Beachem, MDiv 2021
3rd Year GPSS Senator: Mike Libunao-Macalintal, MDiv 2020
Andover Newton Seminary Reps: Heidi Butler, MDiv 2022; Peter Kralovec-Krisherr, MDIV 2020
Berkeley Divinity School Rep: Maria Hackett, MDiv 2022; One open spot
ISM Rep: Berit Goetz, MAR 2020
STM Rep: Shancia Jarrett

Faculty Standing Committee Reps Appointed by YDSG: September 2019

1st Year CLC Rep: (1 student) - Open spot
2nd Year CLC Rep: (1 student) - Open spot
3rd Year CLC Rep: (1 student) - Open spot

Curriculum Commee Rep (3 students): Stephanie Addenbrooke, Essence Ellis, Maria Maguire
Diversity Committee Rep (3 students): Christy Charnel, Daryl Denelle, Mike Libunao-Macalintal
Ministerial Committee Rep (3 students): Phil Antinone, Peter Kralovec-Kirchherr, Grace Woodward
Professional Studies Committee Rep (3 students): Joshua Garcia, Bert Goetz, Ryan Joslin-Dirk
Spiritual Formation Committee Rep (3 students): Jessica Church, Kayla Ford, Maria Hackett
Student Representative to the Faculty Rep (1 student): Chet Duke
Student Representative to the Walls Committee Rep (2 students): JaQuan Beachem, Laura Snell



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