Auditing Courses

Special policy for the duration of COVID-19:  Auditing will be restricted for the sake of preserving smaller class sizes for registered students in virtual and hybrid instruction.  Auditing forms will be accepted only after the conclusion of the ordinary registration period for the semester.

Individuals in the categories listed below may audit courses at the Divinity School without charge. In all cases permission of the instructor is required. Auditing is permitted only during the regular academic year.

  • Students enrolled in degree programs at Yale University.
  • Individuals enrolled in the Exchange, Visiting Fellow, and Ph.D. Research programs at Yale Divinity School.
  • Members of the Yale faculty, emeritus/emerita faculty, and World Fellows.
  • Supervisors of Yale Divinity School students engaged in an internship or supervised ministry.
  • Spouses or domestic partners of regularly enrolled students at Yale University.
  • Spouses or partners of full-time or emeritus/emerita Yale faculty members.
  • Employees of the University and their spouses or partners, in accordance with applicable personnel policies.
  • Alumni/ae of Yale Divinity School.
  • Individuals currently serving as Annand Program mentors through Berkeley Divinity School.

Formal auditing by individuals not in any of the above categories is possible after securing the permission of the instructor, submission of the Audit Form, and payment of the $250 audit fee through the Admissions Office. The registrar’s office does not keep a record of courses audited. It is not possible, therefore, for a student’s transcript to show that a course has been audited, or for a transcript to be issued that records the auditing of a course. Nor is it possible for an audited course to be applied to degree study should the auditor be admitted to a degree program.

It is the usual expectation that an auditor does not take tests or examinations or write papers for a course for evaluation by the instructor. Occasionally, however, an auditor may wish to do such work and may request the instructor to evaluate it. If the instructor wishes to cooperate with the auditor in this way, the instructor does so on a voluntary basis and not as an obligation.

Download the Auditing Registration Form here.