Ministers in the Vicinity

The Ministers in the Vicinity Program provides the opportunity for those currently engaged in full time ministry within a 50-mile radius of New Haven, CT, and who hold a B.A. degree from an accredited institution, to enroll for credit in classes at a 50% discount of published per credit hour rates. Participants in the program are also eligible to audit courses at usual rates (see “Auditing Courses”).  Admission into the program is for one year.  Upon request to the associate dean of admissions and financial aid, and with the approval of the senior associate dean of academic affairs, Minister in the Vicinity status may be extended for an additional year.  

Once admitted to the program, Ministers in the Vicinity may enroll in up to one course per term for academic credit. Students receive full credit for work completed as Ministers in the Vicinity and may petition the senior associate dean of academic affairs to have some or all of the credits applied toward a YDS degree program, should the individual apply and be admitted.  Applicants should understand that admission as a Minister in the Vicinity is not an indicator of future admission to degree programs at YDS.  

Applications into the program are received twice a year, with deadlines of April 1 (for the fall term) and December 1 (for the spring term). There is a one-time application fee of $30.00.  Registrants will be admitted to classes based on availability and instructor permission. Ministers in Vicinity participants are not eligible for financial aid.  Participants will receive a “YDS Minister in the Vicinity” certificate upon completion of two courses for credit.  

Applicants interested in the program should contact the Associate Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid directly at