Christopher Doucot, 2008 M.A.R.

2011William Sloane Coffin '56 Award for Peace and Justice

Christopher Doucot is a founder of the Hartford Catholic Worker Community, a community-based program that opened in 1993 and “invites a counter-cultural commitment to material poverty and hospitality.”  The HCWC features after-school and Saturday morning activities, tutoring, and summer camp opportunities that allow urban children to experience nature and relationships outside the pressures of urban living. Doucot is noted for being “fully committed to tangibly and purposefully serving the poor around him…” Living a life of voluntary poverty, he has welcomed homeless persons into his home, tutored children, and has actively resisted war through participation in non-violent protests in pursuit of world peace, which have taken him to Iraq, Palestine, Bosnia, and other conflict-ridden places. And he has prayed for peace outside the Pentagon and White House.