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Presbyterian, USA

Since leaving YDS, I worked for six years in the full time parish ministry (in New Canaan, CT, Winnetka, IL, and Swarthmore, PA). Although I loved working as a minister and enjoyed each and every position, I had to leave the full-time ministry in 1978. My father had gotten sick, the family business was having problems, and I felt I could help---and so I quickly became the CEO/President of a fairly large mineral processing company in Edison, New Jersey. With help from my brothers and some wonderful workers, we turned the company around, it became very successful, and we sold it in 2005. During most of the years since leaving the full-time ministry, I've also been involved in politics----serving as a Town Councilman for seven years and on a Planning Board for almost 20, and on two different county committees.

After selling the business and retiring, we wanted to spend more time in the national parks, and so in 2006, my wife, Sara, and I became seasonal Park Rangers for the National Park Service for six summers---working at Cape Hatteras NS, Mesa Verde NP, Ellis Island and the Stature of Liberty NM, and Yellowstone NP...see During the last two years, we wanted to spend more time with our only grandson and children at our lake house, and so we stopped working as Park Rangers and began working occasionally for a company that leads college alumni tours. Last year, for instance, we led a river cruise in Europe, a bus tour to and through Yellowstone NP, and three trips to Denali NP in Alaska.

Meanwhile, ever since leaving the full time ministry, I've served as a "Parish Associate" and continue to preach many Sundays (typical pulpit supply work) when we're not traveling or at our lake house.

All of which is to say, Sara and I have been busy, we've had fun, and we're still growing!

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