Ed Thwaites, MDiv

Class of 
Presbyterian, USA

Originally part of the Class of '56, I did a pastoral internship in a larger parish in Texas before returning to become a part of the Class of '57. Since graduating from YDS, I have served churches in Fayetteville, AR; Joplin, MO; Leavenworth, KS; and Westminster, CO. I retired officially in 1994, but Nancy and I have continued to live in Westminster for the past 37 years. Retirement gave us more time to enjoy the beauty of Colorado, and also to travel some. But in retirement, I have worked part-time in a number of churches in the greater Denver area. Both Nancy and I have been slowed down by health conditions:
she with MS, and I by a progressive muscle disease called sIBM, which has been eating at my leg and arm muscles for 10 years now. So 2 years ago, we moved into a retirement community in Westminster called Covenant Village of Colorado. It has a great sense of community, lots of activities, and is very handicapped-friendly. Two of our three sons and families live within an hour of us, which is very nice. We were happy to get to my 50th Reunion at YDS, but had to miss the 60th, as I am no longer able to travel. Love and best wishes to our wonderful classmates! Email me at edthwaites@comcast.net

Class Secretary

John Moore Bullard
Spartanburg, SC