James Meredith Day, MAR

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James Meredith Day has recently been unanimously elected Professor Emeritus at the Catholic University of Louvain www.uclouvain.be, appointed Senior Alumni Mentor in Human Development & Psychology at Harvard University, and appointed to the Belgian Commission of Psychologists with special responsibilities for the future of research and education in psychological science. James's recent publications include scholarly articles on cogntive complexity, religious cognition, moral psychology, gifted young people, and the development and application of techniques drawn from mindfulness meditation in helping women overcome difficulties in achieving orgasm. James holds degrees from Oberlin, Harvard, UPenn, and Cambridge. The UCLouvain Research Center in Psychology of Religion is the top-ranked center in the field, and the interdisciplinary group in religion, culture, and theology at Louvain also figures in the top handful of programs in the world. In addition to his scholarly work, James is a licensed clinical psychologist practicing in Brussels, Belgium, where he lives. James is the father of three living children, and recently became a grandfather!