Janet Parsons Mackey, M.Div.

Class of 
United Church of Christ

Dear Alumni, I'm fortunate to be in good health, with only the minor irritants that come with age. I live alone, within walking distance of one of my sons and his family. My other son lives not too far away in New York, so I can be in close touch with his family, too. I keep busy. I serve as the Granny Taxi Service for two grandchildren, giving me precious time with them. I have been tutoring a woman from Somalia for the past six years, and have just seen her take the oath of citizenship--a proud moment for us both. Little River United Church of Christ is my home church now, where I occasionally preach, teach, and serve on committees; there are several of us clergy members in this progressive congregation, which was established as the first integrated church in Virginia, in 1955. In addition, I'm taking classes to increase skills in writing creative non-fiction. I published a book about two years ago ("Things Get Rearranged"), and have several short pieces published in journals, but I'm far from where I'd like to be. I still enjoy travel--to Minnesota, Massachusetts, and France. I made a number of trips to Russia while my son worked there for a period of ten years or so. Life is full, and I accept every day given to me! Best wishes and peace to all,
Janet Parsons Mackey

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