Jean Wood, M.A.R.

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Methodist, United

The photo I uploaded is Barry and me before we moved from Williamsville to live near one of our sons in the Chicago area seven years ago. After having Parkinson's Disease for 20 years, he passed away peacefully on March 14, 2017. He was surrounded by family. His six years here were full of activities at our senior community and our wonderful United Methodist Church. He was able to see his two young grandsons grow from ages 1 and 3 to 7 and 9. We had visits from our other son's family too. That granddaughter is now 14. Barry and I had 53 years of a loving marriage. Our wedding was two days before my YDS graduation! I miss him so.

I have become more involved in my P.E.O (now President) and church (now Lay Leader and all that entails). Two years ago, Barrie Shepherd spent a weekend here, giving poetry readings at several churches and preaching at our church. What a treat that was!

Because YDS made such a difference in my life, I (and Barry's bequest) became part of the Mary Goodman Circle at YDS in October 2017. He and I were thrilled to help fund scholarships for deserving YDS students. When I attended YDS, I was given an automatic grant-in-aid that covered my tuition, due to my need. YDS can no longer do that. Students leave the school with an average of $55,000 in debt. YDS is making a good effort to increase the scholarship fund and is grateful for the 50th reunion scholarship from our class.

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Jean Wood, '64 M.A.R.
J. Barrie Shepherd, '64 B.D.