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Methodist, United

Hello. Happy, but having to use a quad cane to get around (eliciting sympathy from old friends), I survive. No longer traveling abroad, because of my slow mobility and morbid dread of falling, Lose balance too readily. Mean Doctor says: "(1) Don't fall, and (2) Don't catch cold. If you do either, I will label you a Non-Compliant patient and recommend another doctor." I still play organ each Sunday for 9:00 AM worship services of the Palmetto Moravian Fellowship in Spartanburg at Central UMC's Chapel (seats about 34), so we are no threat to any nearby cathedral or mega-church. Also I am Archivist/Historian to Central United Methodist Church and serve as a kind of docent to visitors, since Central is Spartanburg's first church (organized 1837) and has a proud history. Today I showed 26 Wofford College students and one professor around the church for an hour. Told them everything. They politely sneaked out at the end, heaving a collective sigh of relief. But they thanked me for my time.

Cheers to all my YDS classmates. Send me your personal updates ASAP please. With photos, if possible. We'll get out a big newsletter. Thanks.

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John Moore Bullard
Spartanburg, SC